Public transportation boycott

Three tormented days suffered our country, from July 27th to 30th, one part of the criminal sector decided to boycott the public transportation, due the negativity of the government of negotiating with the gangs, the buses were not able to run during these days.

According to the presidential messages, the criminals wanted to negotiate the “indiscriminate police chase” and better conditions for their leaders in jail, move them from the maximum security jail in Zacatecoluca to normal jails; it was forbidden for the public transportation to work, and the driver who dared to work would be murdered; and they did, eight bus drivers were murdered to cold blood just for doing their job.

Due to this unsafe situation, two consequences were derived, first the difficulties that the normal users of the service experienced in order to get to their destination, many people trapped with no possibilities of moving or walking several kilometers to get to the job; many particular trucks went to the streets to help with the problem and try to substitute the buses and shuttles that were not able to work.

The second consequence is the big damage that the economy suffered, the public transportation line owners had three days of losses, the rest of the economic sector, companies, offices, factories, restaurants, etc. had to deal with a high decrease in the normal consuming average and with the problem of the absence of the employees.

Answering the threat suffered by the country, the president increased the number of police officers patrolling the streets, also took out more military units, in order to keep calm and trying to provide some sense of stability, security and sovereignty, however in spite of the fact of the effort of the executive power, the threat didn’t stop, and during the three days established by the gangs, public transportation didn’t work.

The lack of security is the current situation that the population suffers, according to Medicina Legal 15.1 people were murdered every day during July 2015 and the numbers for August are even worst, an average of 24.1 murders every day during the first half of the month have been registered,  the government can’t find the way to reduce the violence and murders in the country, it is possible to breathe the poor sense of protection that the security institutions provide, we are living in a territory fight, it isn’t new that there are special sectors or neighborhoods where normal police officers can’t patrol, places where the power of law, the power of the government institutions and sovereignty is getting lost.

Article 1 of the constitution el El Salvador says “El Salvador recognizes the human person as the beginning and the end of the activity of the state, which is organized for the achievement of the justice, juridical security and common well.

As a consequence, is obligation of the State to make sure that the republic citizens, enjoy freedom, health, culture, economic welfare and social justice.

Article 2 “Every person has the right to live, physical and moral integrity, freedom, security, to work, property and possession and to be protected in the conservation and defense of them.

Article 168 paragraph 3 “Are attributions and obligations of the president of the republic: 3° look for social harmony, and keep the peace quietness and security of the human person as a society member.

As we can see, El Salvador has a juridical frame that obligates the state to  provide security, is just about finding the mechanisms to make it work.

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