US non immigrant visa
US non immigrant visa
US non immigrant visa
US non immigrant visa

The United States is one of the countries around the world that requests non immigrant visa to the tourists with the desire of visiting the country; The visa is the document that allows a foreign person to have free entrance and exit in a determined country, the visas are issued with the purpose of selecting the people who will have access to the country, avoiding to issue visas for people who may permanently stay or bring problems to the country.

From Latin America the only country that can travel to the US without a visa is Chile, the rest of the countries need one.

There are two kinds of visas, non immigrant visa and immigrant visa.

How can I get a U.S. non immigrant visa?, the answer of this question is very simple, you only need to prove the consul that you have different factors that attach you to your country, the family, the properties, the business and the job, prove that you have the money to travel and have no desires or intentions of staying.


– Family attachment: the applicant must prove that is not alone in the country and there is people that depends of him or her, for example, children or spouse, in the case that the applicant has no children or spouse at least must prove that has a formal commitment with the fiancee or fiancé planning to get married, or that the applicant has a common law marriage status, is very helpful when the spouse has American visa too (if it so, take the American visa to the interview).

– The properties: the applicant must prove the possession of properties in the native country, bring all kind of documents that can prove the possession of properties, therefore would make very difficult to do any kind of business or transaction with the properties in the case the applicant would decide to stay in the U.S., also proving the possession of properties shows good economical conditions to the consul.

– Salary or incomes: It is very important for the applicant to prove a salary or incomes of at least $1,000 or  $1,500, in order to do it this the applicant must bring letters from the job or business explaining the time working for the company and the salary.

– Destination: It is also important to know where is the applicant going to stay, it can be a hotel, relative or friend’s house, is necessary to bring a bank account with money enough to afford the short time that the applicant is planning to stay at the U.S., at least  $1,000 for every week plus the flying tickets money.

– Little Details: Another useful advice is to attend the appointment very well dressed, like a business appointment, with a very good attitude, positive, optimistic, try not to be nervous, and is important to be very communicative, explain clearly to the consul which are the intentions of the travel, and convince him or her that is a short tourist visit, with no plans of staying; the job of the consul is to detect possible illegal immigrants, and if the consul suspects that the applicant can be one, the only way to convince the consul of the opposite is by talking and explaining the intentions, do not keep quiet.

Getting the U.S. non immigrant visa, has become a great business, and is important to investigate in order to succeed on getting it, but is necessary to be careful, there are many lawyers and institutions that call themselves professionals in immigration topics, and in the end give wrong advices to the applicants.